Illustration and Design

Thom has been an artist, author, digital illustrator and cover designer for numerous companies, projects and authors such as FASA, House of Diggs productions, PsychWing Research & Development and has crafted numerous corporate, event and product logos. He is the Art Director for the second editions of Leanna Renee Hieber’s Sci-Fi/Space Opera saga The Dark Nest Chronicles.

Thom’s wide range of interests and specialties include cartography, title cards, logos, graphic design, pen and ink illustration, digital backgrounds, paper models, gaming design and concept illustration, comic-book art, flag design, 2 and 3 dimensional Fantasy and Sci-Fi art as well as designing and creating a wide range of historically inspired and Fantastical militaria and medals both 2 and 3 dimensional.

He is a collaborative artist eager to convey meaning in imagery and works at competitive industry standard rates. For quotes, contact Thom via the form below the image library.



Avatar (photo credit: The Nerdy Duo)


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