Sculpture: Pandora’s Pets

Pet 1Pandora’s Pets each exist to worry for you… About  one or two things… so you can concentrate on something bigger. They do not wear their own expression but rather the emotion with which they hope to help you.

Each Pet is an entirely individual sculpture, hand-painted and detailed, no two are ever the same. For insight into the process and development of the Pets, read here. Sculpted from polymer clay over a lightweight skeleton, detailed by hand and infused with care and maybe even a bit of magic, they’re approximately the size of your palm. Pet 2

They are also reported to be “damn cute.”

The base price of a small unadorned Pet is $15 plus shipping. Size, details/accessories, complexity, details and choice of magnet, will determine price. Pre-made Pets can be purchased on Etsy. Commissions accepted via order form paid by PayPal. To commission a Pet, fill out the order form below. The size and add-ons are priced accordingly.

Please allow approximately one week for creation, shipping, magic, handling. (Cake not included. Sorry. Pets ate it all.)



THANKS! Upon completion of your Pet, you’ll receive an email invoice. Once paid by PayPal, your Pet will be given its own unique name and it will go into the mail!


6 thoughts on “Sculpture: Pandora’s Pets

  1. Thom
    Got my frustration pet. But his card had No name & I know that we named him @ Anchro Con. can I please have his name, Elsewise, Badelthin is going to call him eye patch.


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