…Just Six Words Long…

That’s how long the shortest funny and true story I know is.

I woke up this morning and officially began celebrating my 50th birthday. There was a party in my honor nine days prior but the actual “event” is today. The recent, new normal of research and word count is suspended for 24 hours – although musing on A Song Heard in the Future is almost certainly going to happen. This day is a landmark. And an opportunity to decide how I’d like to spend the next 50 years. I think I have some strong, brilliant, and beautiful ideas…

I woke up this morning having spent the last full week without a cigarette. Also a landmark. And possibly a sign that I’ve at least partially made the aforementioned decision and a commitment. The novel is, in part, about hope and justice. While celebrating my own landmark day and what it may mean, I should really learn to permit both hope and justice visit me more often.

My intent with these posting is that they happen about once a week, going forward. If either the birthday or cessation of smoking landmarks help you feel better about life and living, please consider Following this blog.

Thank you.


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