Tales from the Hereafternoon…

The concept of the Audience of One has always fascinated me and said Audience is not necessarily always also the Muse. In brief, the concept pertains to circumstances when – if an artist’s work is seen by only a specific, intended viewer the artist can be content. (There’s a bit of that notion in this post’s title).

There was a time when I could reliably be expected to spend most of my day in thought, listening to good music, and engaging in rampantly philosophical discussions with one of my dearest friends – Randy Reitz. We both still do all of those things but for the past 15 years there has been 1,100 miles between.

This past week (with a few extra days added for good measure), he and I picked up about where we left off, and without much lost momentum.

He hasn’t been able to take the whole week off so I’ve been working on a new batch of Pandora’s Pets, which we debated might be called the “Worry Warts” batch. (The first set are called “Millstones”.)

Randy and I have always had an interest in the arts; all of them. I think it’s fair to say it took him longer to find his own. It’s also true that, once discovered, his art enjoyed a wider audience than did mine. Until recently, it rather surprised me when anyone but Randy took an interest in my creations. We have both, I believe, always tried to encourage each other but making art must come from the artist – regardless of how much encouragement there may ever be.

While making sculpture in his home, I realized that I tend to “hmmm” while in the process. The unconscious comes very near the surface as these tiny little demi-demons are summoned. The process is almost meditative, maybe. It isn’t only a metaphoric exorcism. Earlier today, between stages of making today’s Pets, I realized that my fingernails and fingertips are no longer stained from having been a smoker. When out “finding oneself”, no matter how often one needs a reminder, ask the folk who know who you have wanted to be.

I’ll be offering Pandora’s Pets for sale via ebay and etsy very soon. There will be a post about that once a few more details have been taken care of.


…Just Six Words Long…

That’s how long the shortest funny and true story I know is.

I woke up this morning and officially began celebrating my 50th birthday. There was a party in my honor nine days prior but the actual “event” is today. The recent, new normal of research and word count is suspended for 24 hours – although musing on A Song Heard in the Future is almost certainly going to happen. This day is a landmark. And an opportunity to decide how I’d like to spend the next 50 years. I think I have some strong, brilliant, and beautiful ideas…

I woke up this morning having spent the last full week without a cigarette. Also a landmark. And possibly a sign that I’ve at least partially made the aforementioned decision and a commitment. The novel is, in part, about hope and justice. While celebrating my own landmark day and what it may mean, I should really learn to permit both hope and justice visit me more often.

My intent with these posting is that they happen about once a week, going forward. If either the birthday or cessation of smoking landmarks help you feel better about life and living, please consider Following this blog.

Thank you.